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About Our Raw Arizona Honey

Arizona Wildflower/Desert Wildflower

The Arizona and Desert Wildflower Honeys have a smooth and even taste, yet have the distinct undertones of a variety of pollen flavors. This Honey is most highly recommended for allergies, as the honey is generated from multiple pollen sources in the Arizona region. The Arizona Wildflower is from the more Northern Mountainous region, and the Desert Wildflower from the more southern regions. For the natural antihistamine reason alone, the Arizona and Desert Wildflower Honeys are one of our highest selling products!


The flowers of the Arizona Mesquite tree are prized by the southwest honeybee, which turns their ambrosial nectar into a distinctive honey. Tasting different from all other honey, this delicate yet sweet honey is and great for BBQ, sauces, or in a marinade! Amber in color, this is one of our darker honeys, indicating more antioxidants within the honey, equaling more health benefits!


Orange Blossom

The natural partnership between bees and citrus enhances not only the harvest of the fruit, but the sweetness of the honey. The Orange Blossom Honey is the Sweetest of the Honey line! Warning: must have a MAJOR Sweet tooth to enjoy this taste. ;) Highly recommended for use in deserts and baking!

Spring Clover Honey

Often considered the most common plant source tapped by bees, it is very mild in flavor. Clover honey is the best choice for your favorite recipe as a sugar substitute, as it will not change the taste you desire.