About Made by Bees

ALL Our Honey is...

Arizona Local!

Raw and unpasteurized, for Maximum enzyme benefits. You will be able to tell that the honey is raw as it will crystallize over time! After the honey crystallizes, simply set the honey in a warm bath of water, or in a sunny indoor window to re-liquefy. The honey will begin to loosen, and will in most cases be pourable again!

In its raw form - Honey NEVER expires.

NEVER put in the microwave, or heated over 108-118 Deg F. Overheating or microwaving the honey will kill the natural enzymes found in the food source, therefore losing all the natural benefits of the honey.

stored only in Glass containers (local AZ glass as well!). Honey is naturally acidic, as such, we recommend not storing honey in any type of plastic container.

100% Raw. There is a difference between Pure Honey and Raw Honey. Per the FDA, honey can be called Pure even if it has fillers such as Water, Sugar, High Fructose Corn syrup, etc. Our Honey is 100% raw honey through and through! No fillers Added here!

NOT to be consumed for anyone under 1 year of age. (www.babycenter.com)

a natural antibiotic. Many people use it on cuts and burns to keep infection out. (www.naturalnews.com)